Lo End Theory: The Secret History of the Lo-Life Crew

New York was a different place in the ’80s. Times Square—a.k.a. “Forty Deuce”—was littered with pushers, pimps, hoes, peep shows, syringes, and crack vials, a far cry from the advertising Disneyland it is today. It was a playground for Wall Street types, tourists, teenagers looking for a good time, petty criminals looking for a quick come-up, and frequented by various street crews from each of the five boroughs, most notably a Brooklyn collective known as the Lo-Lifes. “We used to meet up there to show off what we had and what we caught.” says founding member Rudy-Lo, who refers to himself as “Puerto Rican Rudy from Flatbush” to differentiate himself from another Rudy-Lo. He continues: “We would be like 25 deep and go into movie theatres with 40 ounces and not pay. That’s how we got our name on the Deuce.” READ MORE



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